Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Things Girls(SOME) do to get attention :D

Many women have this set notion in their minds allowing them to believe that changing certain things (stuff that is not noticeable to anyone like eyebrow shape) will suddenly land them the hot guy in their class or Facebook.
Chances are, the guy you are craving for hasn’t noticed you due to the fact he either has a girlfriend, he’s married, gay, asexual or just not interested. Yet, a slew of date defying tactics continues to take place such as these:

Dousing yourself in perfume in hopes that the aroma's Victoria's Secret has to offer will swoon him right then and there.
If Victoria had any sense, there would be a disclaimer on the bottle reading: do not use if single and emotionally unstable. May also cause brain damage to those around. 

Stalking your crush online using Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and whatever else you find him on. Studying and memorizing every bit of information, viewing all his tagged pictures, sifting through all the comments as well as status updates is very creepy.
Oh, don't think this doesn't occur guys; if you are online, you are being researched. 

Taking all the information you find from second hand sources and giving yourself a makeover in hopes no one will notice your new strange interests. Suddenly you are wearing a Zara top to class, your always curly hair is straight because he took a quiz saying he liked that and you are now a raging ManU fan after seeing status of him on Facebook.

Posting ridiculous status updates that you feel will get his attention yet never do. 
 “I’m single & you will have to be fucking amazing to change that”, well what shit?
Who even asked them if they’re single?

Wearing next to nothing; no one wants to see your cleavage, your Wet Seal Thong, your lower back or even your collar bone. Put some clothing on. It's June, raining and not Prom. 

Adopting an abnormally loud laugh sounding like something recorded and placed on a chip inside a stuffed monkey. Heightening your laugh over the voices of those around you to snag attention will only cause an awkward stir in the room. Everyone will be sure to mimic your laugh each time you are away from your desk from this day out. When groups of people disperse as you walk in the lunch room, you only have yourself to blame. 

Talking poorly of other girls he knows to make yourself look like a goddess. Yeah, everyone knows Stacey is the office slut. Everyone also knows she is not really bald and has to shave her beard every day. 

Claiming you love sports and every sport. Yeah, just let that comment slip during a night out in a sports bar which is where you probably hang out with your girlfriends on the weekend.

1. All girls look better without makeup.
A rule of thumb: every girl who looks hot with makeup looks even hotter without it. Guys are most aroused by a girl who wakes up next to them looking disheveled yet still hot.
2. Guys are aroused by girls who know what they want sexually.

Women who slut-shame other women are making it really difficult for us guys. We don’t think women who enjoy sex are sluts; quite the opposite actually. 

3. When women get their nails done, we see nothing.

It’s necessary to separate nails from makeup as the upkeep of manicures and pedicures is just about as costly as maintaining a collection of eye shadows. Next time you ladies make a 500rs manicure appointment, just remember: no man will notice.

4. Playing hard-to-get doesn’t work on men.

It’s just the luck of the draw that women are so weak in the face of the hard-to-get game. You girls make it so easy for us. But don’t assume the same is true for men, because it’s not. If a woman stops showing interest in us, we tend to proceed much more rationally than women do. Our interest naturally begins to wane, as we don’t want to waste our time.

5. If you’re not interested in sports, please don’t fake it.

We’d much rather discuss sports with our boys anyway. And a girl who’s trying too hard to appear like she knows what she’s talking about when she mentions Cricket or Football.

6. Women can eat all they want.

I hate seeing a woman deprive herself of food, especially when it’s done to either impress men or appear cute. Ladies, men find nothing less attractive. We would ALWAYS rather a heavier-set woman over a thinner one. In fact, truth be told, it’s hard for us guys not to fall in love with a chick who knows how to eat.

7. Shoes: we don’t care.

The amount of money women spend on shoes is alarming, and I’m surprised more people haven’t spoken up about it. When did it start being okay to charge upwards 3000rs for a pair of heels?

Men don’t even know you’re wearing them! Seriously, we would have no idea if they didn’t make you taller than us. 

But well, hold on.
No, not all Women are this way. It’s just the boring, attention seeking, emotionally deprived, “Ms. Know it all” and aimless one.
Yes, they are well past their teenage years but well, Girls are girls.
Will they ever grow up? With a good lesson? HELL NO J

PS: Well, not everything written here is my own, you know how difficult it gets to get to know a Women, so yes, I indeed took help or other writings.
And Btw, All characters appearing in this blog may or may not be fictitious.
Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is not purely coincidental.

Monday, March 18, 2013


You hold my hand tight
whenever I feel I'm lost
you answer my doubts
even when I ask you not.

When I'm surrounded by fake people
you guide me to what is true
more than my own instincts,
I know better to rely on you.

You give me reason to smile
day by day, every single day
even if all desert me,
I know you will be there.

You came & stayed in my life
all by God’s own will, 

he wanted me to believe
True friendship still exists..

Monday, September 19, 2011

I know ♥

I know, one day,
It will be true.
I know baby,
It’s you and only you.

I know, you are the first thing on my mind,
And the last thing too.
I know this is silly,
But, my day starts with you.

I know, you don’t love me,
The way I do.
But, one day baby,
It will come true.

I know, you don’t miss me,
But, I am dying for you.
I know, you will bring me smile,
But, the gift I want is you.

I know, we will meet,
And talk for hours before you go.
I know, these distances are killing me,
And somewhere, even you feel so.

I know, everything will be fine one day,
And you will come and say
I Love You Too!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Giving them New Wings..

Is there anyone whose calling?
Are you looking out for me?
I chose to believe in miracles
And prayed that your heart be set free

We are all in this together
People far away too suffer
Don't be blinded by your own things
There are lots more to offer

Is the fear in your heart too heavy?
Are you lost for words?
Don't smile to hide your pain from me
Don't ever let it hurt

Stack it all away
Make sure you will stay
To cruise through this storm
Everything is going to be ok

We will go to places
Where the stars don't shine
Spread light among the broken hearted
Giving them new wings to fly…

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Love that I still Love!

Oh dear love of mine, so lost and so far,
that moment from long ago, do you remember?
When there was you and me and that was all.
Never separate, never alone, wet with love you and I.

 Its only words and I won’t burden them with the weight,
the weight of my heart's sorrow, for they will just break.
My soul tells me, it’s over, for another has taken your place,
where I had left you I see a changed man... a new face.

I wasn’t there, no I did not let you have me, I left and walked on,
for every two steps you took, I stepped away by even more.
But I had to, when you saw there was every reason for me not to.
In my mind there was, one reason, that kept me from falling ... for you.

I was with you, for you and completely sure that I wanted you,
but signs, these signs that I could not ignore, and I had to leave.
Luck favors the brave, and I wasn’t, you wanted me there and I wasn’t.
And today I grieve the death of a love that I with all my heart had loved!

No one will see that I was there with you, yes i was.
You do not see that I was there right next to you, I was love.
Whether I be back, or not, it doesn’t matter anymore to no one, for you changed.
There is no one to grieve with me, the death of the love that I still Love!

Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm in Heaven... ♥

To my sweetest Angel... 

For years i thought
Real you are not,
Ignorance I professed
Every time you blessed,
Never did I imagine to see,
Dozens of signs you gave me...
Steadily grew my faith in you
Heartily you gave me love so true,
In all moments after that day
Promise me God, with me you will stay…

When I look into your eye,
My heart misses a beat.
The touch of your hand makes me feel complete.
My Breath sways when I sense your essence,
I cherish this moment everyday Everytime,
Which is filled by the warmth of your presence.
If this is what it feels to be then I guess I’m in heaven… 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Take away my Soul

Another wintry night,
Cold moon mourning in sky...
In the shadows of his tears,
A dreaded Raven flying so high...
He is waiting for my soul,
To leave this benumbed body...
And poison is waiting for me,
To have a few words with my misery...

As the candle flickers,
It reminds me of my final breathes...
Another failure confronted,
My life kneels for a hope that fades...
A promise... This heart once made,
Doors won't be opened for love again...
But she entered my world,
Journey from an unknown to a friend...

Every passing clock tick,
Blinded affections moved inch closer...
A distant voice inside,
Was longing for her endless closure...
Intellects difficult to defy,
Untamed feelings I have shown...
Regret... I had to nerve,
Journey from friend to a person unknown...

There is a different world,
Hides itself, behind what I show...
It hurts more than enough,
When she says there is no tomorrow
It believes... It desires,
It waits... For her to understand...
Like a stubborn child,
It screams... Weeps to hold her hand

But with this broken heart,
How long can I walk..??
On a road of withered love,
How long can I crawl..??
Tonight... I call her name,
Will she come back to this crestfallen..??
Tonight... Destiny forbids my name...
Will she christen me as her departing sun..??

Candle... it flames no more,
Time for darkness to take over...
A few drops of poison,
I can't make him wait anymore...
An open window... Moon still cries,
I only have a final goodbye to say...
Raven looks so beautiful,
As it comes down to take my soul away...
As it comes down to take my soul away...